Costa Brava

A travel guide created by About Lucien
Spring-Summer 2019

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Wander through this magical and remote coast of Catalunya with About Lucien, who explores hidden coves and villages for you.



I have always been inspired by the Mediterranean summer. The Costa Brava captured my attention from the beginning because of its character and essence. The morning swims followed by hours laying under the sun with a good book. Afternoon hikes through the Camí de Ronda path and discovering hidden gems, tiny calas with turquoise water.

Each corner has a story to tell and the small fishermen towns with its narrow streets, still preserve the essence of the Mediterranean.

This is more a personal scrapbook than a travel guide, where you will find places that will remain forever imprinted in your memories. Those never ending sunsets, when the breeze blows and the sun dyes the scene.

— Lucía Baltar. About Lucien.


Explore the Costa Brava with About Lucien.