Interview- Ábbate


A dream textile project

QUESTION: What is the dream behind this project?

ANSWER: In a world where the textile industry chain produces perfectly finished garments, people need pieces with a soul that can represent their individuality. That is why Ábbatte makes high quality textiles, creating valuable objects for daily life oblivious to trends and temporality. Ábbate's intention is to integrate traditional production methods to a contemporary aesthetic as our answer to a new lifestyle. 

Amongst Ábbatte's objectives is to divulge and spread the value of the weaving trade. We give courses, seminars and conferences on textile. Is Ábbate's goal to preserve the artisanal, historical and cultural patrimony of Castilla and to recover forgotten practices, like the use of natural dye plants, as one of our hallmarks. Before, obtaining the desired color, was left to the dye providers, but now Ábbate is able to obtain the colors directly from the plants we grow in our dye garden.

Q: Where did the inspiration for Ábbatte come from?

A: Ábbatte is conceptually inspired by the classic philosophy of " valuing craftsmanship" proposed by William Morris and his Arts & Crafts movement. It is also based on the principles of Bauhaus. Nowadays, it finds coincidences with the approach of the "slow movement" that gains strength in 2007 under what we know as the Slow Fashion (backed by Kate Fletcher at the Center for Sustainable Fashion, UK) which promotes quality production and adding value to the garments. It prioritizes quality over quantity. Formally the nordic inspiration is also present in our contemporary and minimal designs.

Q: 5 materials that make you sigh:

A: 1) Duppion Silk. 2) Baby Alpaca. 3) Woollen. Thread. 4) "Melange" Linen. 5) Madder (Rubia Tintorum).

Q: 5 places that make you sigh:

A: 1) The Monastery of Santa María de la Sierra. 2)The Garden, its plants and the 'dye hut'. 3) Entering the Segovian valley leaving Madrid behind. 4) Atacama, Chile. 5)The Ábbatte showroom on José Ortega y Gasset street (#30).

Q: A place/moment that you cherish in your memory?

-The presentation of our brand and our first sales presentation on Alfonso XII 34, taking care of even the smallest details. 

-The first time a well known decorator included Ábbatte's pieces in an international project.

-The day we took the photos for our catalog, where all the Ábbatte team members, between nervousness and laughter got a team picture.