Interview- Ameskeria

Making a fantasy world by hand

Crochet artist

QUESTION: What is your creative process like?

ANSWER: My work process is chaotic and intuitive. A lot of ideas come from previous mistakes. Others are aforethought , but there is always a component of chaos and improvisation (1)

Q: What technique or method are you most comfortable with? Why?

A: Crochet is my specialty and what I feel most comfortable doing. For years I have been teaching and have learned how to proactively solve problems.

Q: 5 things that inspire you? (2)

A: Nature; childhood; abandoned objects I find on the beach or street; antiques and old objects, and the story behind them; other creatives' work: Misako Mimoko, Elizabeth Dunker and Sabine Timm .

Q: Can you draw your dream project?

A: (see above)

Q: Which place/moment are you most at peace?

A:  Moments when I can be in contact with nature and solitude. A swim in the ocean, a walk on the beach, those kinds of things. Summer is also special. It frees me and it's normally when I get the best ideas.

(1) Once I have the idea, I start to do tests with materials I have at home. I don't sketch unless it's a special order. After much doing and undoing things do come out. It's a bit like trial- error.

(2) 5 tools/materials that inspire you?

Everything that can be knitted (wool, cotton, rope, laces, ribbon); plastic bits and objects found on the beach or street; leaves, sticks, pine cones, flowers and other objects collected from nature; pretty fabrics I buy while travelling; watercolors, paint and things from stationery shops.