Interview- Avarcas Usa

Importing traditional shoes from Menorca



QUESTION: Why Avarcas?

ANSWER: I have been wearing 'avarcas' since I was a kid, I grew up knowing they were my shoes during summers in Spain. And once we moved to San Diego, I wore the shoes a lot and people wouldn't stop asking me about them, so we decided to start distributing them

Q: The best thing about the U.S.? California?

A: California is the best, and its beaches and natural parks. Another important thing about the U.S. is that people are so pleasant. The customers that buy our shoes want to know the story of who is behind the brand.. they appreciate hand-made too.

Q: Do you see a connection between Spain and California?

A: I see connection between the Mediterranean coast and California, Its beaches, outdoors, weather,

Q: What are the goals behind bringing such a classic product?

A: We want people here in the U.S. to see the quality and craftsmanship of artisans in Spain. And that they can differentiate an original product from a copy made in China.

Q: If you could choose a perfect life, what would it be like?

A: I'm actually living the dream that I've always projected. I am passionate about what I am doing.