Interview- Helena Nicolau

Making from the Mediterranean 

Jewelry Designer

QUESTION: What concepts are behind your jewelry designs? Does it have anything in common with designing spaces?

ANSWER: The handmade concept is very important for me, I think it adds value to my designs. I love the idea of recovering the value of the traditional. The idea of making with my own hands and leaving my trace on each piece.

My father, architect, taught me three-dimensional vision, and from my French mom I inherited her aesthetic sense and her talent in all things artisanal. As a kid I would make myself dresses and embroidered table cloths and bed linens like no one else could, so there is an artistic side that has to do a lot with my parents, and their way of thinking.

Q: Does geography affect your inspiration?

A: Of course, is where my biggest inspiration comes from, but I must say I guide myself by instinct at that very moment depending on the circumstances. My work table is chaos.

Q: 5 materials that inspire you?

A: All those that come from nature, and from the sea...

Q: A place/moment that you cherish in your memory?

A: There is a lot. My Christmases in Paris, and my summers in Puerto Pollença. The birth of my kids, my wedding day. But If I must think of one place, that is the lighthouse, El Faro, it gives me peace.

Q: If you could only deign one more thing, what would it be?

A: Clothes, it drives me crazy.