Interview- France Lamy Herbeau

One half of Josefina

Bag Designers

QUESTION: France, what is the inspiration behind the brand?

ANSWER: My environment, fashion, family and friends are great inspiration. From a walk, to an exhibition, a film, a material, a woman on the street...

Q: Functionality and beauty can co-exist?

A: Of course! It is a necessity, and for that reason we created Josefina.

Q: 2 materials that you would like to work with?

A: My two favorite materials are leather and wood. They are raw and fascinating, they awaken your senses. I already work with leather, who knows if one day I will work with wood too.

Q: One place or moment you remember well?

A: The first time I held our first prototype that allowed us to continue moving forward with our project, after many months of hard work. It was really exciting.

Q: What does your dream bag look like?

A: (see below) DRAWING

Q: One thing motherhood has taught you?

A: Something very hard and beautiful at the same time. The reflection of both your qualities and defects in your own children. They are like a mirror. In reality, they teach us as much as we teach them.

Q: What do you find in your business partner that makes Josefina's core so meaningful?

A: Angela and I compliment each other! Knowing her since childhood, and her experience in the fashion world, make her the best partner one could ever imagine!