Interview- Real Fábrica Española

The art of selling 'Spanish'


QUESTION: What made you start Real Fábrica?

ANSWER: The passion for Spain, its products and traditions made me start 3 years ago this adventure!

Q: 3 things that Spain has, that other countries don't?

A: Joy, authenticity and passion

Q: Happiest place/moment ever?

A: Now, Madrid 2015.

Q: 5 artisan techniques that deserve your respect?

A: 'Palmito' weaved baskets, Olive tree wood boards, Leather from Ubrique, Salt gathering in Isla Cristina, Red pottery from Extremadura, Blankets from Ezcaray.

Q: Can you describe your goals? Personal/professional:

A: To take Spain and its products with 'solera' (a word that describes Spanish character and charm) to other audiences to increase the value and position them as the treasures they are.