Interview- Sabrina Praga & Nicolás Villamizar

Their creative journey from Madrid 

Actress and Artist


QUESTION: Nico what is your favorite thing about Sabrina? Sabrina what is your favorite thing about Nico?

ANSWER: Her sense of humor, or her good humor. And if it's something physical, her legs

His little eyes and how expressive they are. That he surprises me everyday, and makes me a better person.

Q: How have you evolved artistically in the last 5 years?

A: Sabrina: It's a constant growth, I have earned confidence an overall I have been learning with every project made.

Nico: I started painting believing in what I was doing, and I haven't stopped since.

Q: What do you find in acting that you can't find anywhere else Sabrina?

A: Freedom

Q: 5 elements that you cannot live without?

A: Sabrina: 1) Moleskine diary 2) Ice-cream 3) Tomatoes 4) Mascara 5) Thermal Face Water Avene

Nico 1) My bike 2) Beer 3) Hats 4) Pens 5) Meat

Q: Your ideal future plan?

A: Sabrina: Combine shoots with theater seasons, anywhere in the world!

Nico: travel making murals and learn how to cook better.

Q: Your favorite artistic discipline to work:

A: Sabrina: 50% cinema. 50% 

Nico: lost of colors, lots of chaos.