Interview -Såper

A  Dream Project

Organic Skincare

How did the idea of creating Såper came along?

It all started as a dream - a dream to be able to offer the best products to allow people to bring out the best in themselves, and to have a sensory experience, relax, enjoy, and feel good. It was a dream to create unique products, like tailor-made suits, hand-made by artisans, without any artificial components, and minimalist. We are on a path to exactly that.

Victoria graduated in art history, and specialized in restoration; maybe that is why her creations are so unique, and nurtured to the very last detail. She tests formulas for months, until she arrives at an extraordinary product that will inspire peace, and a love for life - a piece of art for the skin.

Her brother, Fernando, has always had a special interest in the environment. He graduated in science and environmental politics in the US and, after working for over 15 years as a corporate environmental consultant, has also discovered his passion - a commitment to offering the best possible products, searching for the best raw materials, and enjoying the clients' feedback.

We had ideas, now we have resources, and we are making it happen. These dreams were born out of the difficulty finding certified products that were also organic, made with 100% natural raw ingredients that were cold pressed. The goal is really to become accessible to all, to 'democratize' natural cosmetics.

What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

We are humbly walking the path according to our life principles, growing slowly and being connected to those principles. We cannot separate our professional life from our personal one. We are convinced that green is not just a trend, it’s here to stay, and one just has to try it to see that the results speak for themselves.

For us, the success is to be able to do what we like. We would like to continue growing like that, growing in our capabilities, and finding the formulas from the heart, while also maintaining quality and a social commitment, surrounding ourselves with good people, helping to achieve a better world, since there will be no future if it is not a green one.

What are the concepts behind your brand’s philosophy?

It is important that all of our products are exceptional. First, we have to understand that life is about enjoying what you do. We are pushed by clients who congratulate us because they feel it when they try our products, and that feeds our passion, and helps us keep producing the best quality organic products. Second, it's about transparency and quality. By using the best available raw ingredients of the highest quality, or Certification Category 1, we believe this is the only way of caring for the planet, and giving people's skin a chance to regenerate, to be able to breathe again, and to feel good. Third, it's about environmental sustainability. All our products are vegan, and none have been tested on animals. If we can we always use local ingredients, and green ingredients, we can protect the environment. Plastics are our enemy, and that is why we pack all our products in the best containers out there. We tried glass, and we fell in love with it. Last, it's about the best team and collaborators. We surround ourselves with brilliant people who share our philosophy, and the values we encourage at Såper.

Another dream?

We would love to have an information center with tools to help people learn about the bad ingredients found in the majority of cosmetics out there, and this way contribute to make the world a better place and more sustainable - making our health better, and that of the environment.