Interview- Siete Formas

Turning wood

wood artisans

QUESTION: How does the idea of Siete Formas conceptualize?

ANSWER: Siete Formas conceptualized little by little, as we improved working with the lathe, we were able to materialize ideas and designs, and it turned out to be something more than just a hobby.

Q: What are 5 materials that inspire you?

A: Generally we are inspired by materials of natural origin, especially wood and earth. Other three could be iron, glass and textile.

Q: One dream piece or object to still be made by you?

A: We still have many dream pieces to make. We are thrilled about designing a wooden and textile chair in collaboration with Ábbatte, on which we are working on now.

Q: One place that inspires you greatly, where you could live without limitations?

A: We love the country-side and we would love to live in places like Asturias, La Vera and Guadalajara, without losing our contact with Madrid.

Q: Where you would like to be in 5 years with this project?

A: We would love to have established ourselves financially, to have grown as designers, improving technically and having been able to expand projects and disciplines within the brand. In essence, to not stop learning.