Interview- Zubi

Mercedes and Elena Zubizarreta

Bag designers

QUESTION: What is the spirit of Zubi?

ANSWER: The spirit of Zubi is the journey, but seen more as the adventure of living. You don't have to travel far, it is something you have inside, that makes you see life and the day to day through an explorer's eye, as if it was the first time.

Q: Draw 5 things that inspire your process

A: (See below) Sisters-Travel- Food- Architecture, Film, Art, Photography- The street

Q: What is your ideal future?

A: This summer we are planning for the future a lot, and since we let our imagination fly, we are making up a great Zubi. We want to entail more, from what we are now to "infinity and beyond"!

Q: How did your past experiences led you to this moment?

A: We can say everything has led us to this moment. Everything we have learnt is now in play. Zubi is a brand tailored for us, so our strengths are its strengths.

Q: Your favorite place/moment ever?

A: Apart from each others personal moments, together since Zubi exists, we have taken incredible trips. Moments of peace when you feel the world stops, while watching a sunset at the Stahl House in L.A., or at a temple in Koyasan (Japan), surrounded by millenary cypress, walking up a cemetery.

Beers with friends and many laughs. To choose one moment is impossible, luckily we have many.