Things happening

The wanting to achieve

Los Angeles, California

It is the first time I have been able to make a space for myself physically and mentally since becoming a mother 7 years ago. As I sit in my new studio space, I feel as if I have been fishing in many little coves until I have found my sweet spot where to stay. I was reading yesterday how one’s identity and personality is not completely formed until the 30’s. I agree with that, but one gets a huge shift when allowing little people into your life to care for, if that ever happens at whatever age in ones life. This literally translates into acknowledging a balance that will keep your energies balanced somehow to keep your family, love and passions at ease.

I felt a huge empowerment after having children and a big creativity burst that took me in a million different directions. I had to step aside of my art department work in the film industry and knew my husband wouldn’t stop his demanding assistant director job, so I decided to take my passions into a project that would be emotionally sustainable as my family changed and traveled following Adam’s films whenever possible.

Españolita is where I try to connect everything through. My love for Spain and the roots, the heritage of craftsmanship there, the passion for getting to know artists and artisans in their spaces, and the pure enjoyment of hosting in Mallorca, around Spain and also in California.

So if there is anything here for you, please bear with me as I work on a long overdue website redesign, as I roll out one event a month, as I share with you fascinating features of interesting creative people, as I put together a collection of crafts for you to enjoy soon... I am getting there but just one step at a time.

Until then, thanks for reading.