From Utrera with Love

Almu Tirado

At her home in Paris, France.

Almu lives in Paris, and has always worked in fashion. Beforehand, she spent some time in New York, but she always knew Paris held her heart, so she came back to the city and got a job assisting in a model agency. She is now getting ready for an even bigger job commitment, with a showroom that will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, she shares her own creative vision of Spain and her life encounters through her analog camera, and her blog, 'From Utrera with Love’. Her output is so authentic that one cannot be left unmoved.

The images she releases are often imperfect; sometimes frames are developed over other frames, creating double-exposed, unintentional prints. These are left untouched, adding to the freshness of her work, as she documents everything from beach scenes to her friends' gatherings in Spain and beyond.

Paris and everyday life are the subject of her pictures for now, but previously it was dominated by a raw interpretation of her life in New York and its busy streets. She keeps all photo negatives in a cardboard box in her apartment and they sit alongside her other treasures and designer items.

Her apartment faces Canal Saint Martin in a beautiful neighborhood of central Paris. Her window opens to offer a view that surely inspires her, and we talk about her life here, her future plans, and the images that reach so many through her blog. She might be doing a small exhibit soon, and that brings a big smile to Almu’s face. Her energy is just contagious, and everything she says is so untainted and uncensored that one cannot but love this pretty girl and her adventures.