Leire Villar


Leire is from the province of Vitoria in northern Spain, but settled in Barcelona over a decade ago. For years she worked as a sound technician for a local TV station, but started to crochet whimsical little characters in her spare time. She is now fully immersed in this passion project known as 'Ameskeria', which means 'chimera' in Basque.

Her crochet skills are undoubtedly impressive, but it is in creating the souls of her creatures where her talent really shows. Even her sketches brim with expression. Commitment to the craft has led her to teach and collaborate with other artisans.

Tucked away in a quiet street of Poble Nou, Leire’s apartment is situated on the corner of an aging 19th Century building. From her balcony, and with the Barceloneta beach just a couple of blocks away, she can literally smell the sea. Leire attests to the proximity of the water acting as an inspiration for her work, particularly when she collects gems on the beach. Her intuitive color sense truly works, both for her home and her knitted creations, but also for the character-based stories they have spawned.