Azabala Studio

Amaia Zabala

At her home in London, U.K.

Amaia is a kind and warm-hearted fashion designer originally from San Sebastián. She settled in London more than eight years ago with her German boyfriend. I am looking forward to a very special meeting, since she is willing to spend the afternoon with me just days before giving birth to their second child. A new stage she takes on with impressive calmness.

Amaia just finalized and dispatched her last fashion collection. She feels free and invigorated to have some time on her hands before the next baby arrives, and is looking forward to her mom arriving in London later this evening. Her brand, Azabala, is a purely-designed ensemble of loose garments with original prints, which appear classy but, at the same time, are easy to wear and have very attractive simple patterns. The array of pieces is quite impressive for someone who has managed to work alone for more than three uninterrupted seasons, creating fashion collections exclusively by herself.

Amaia understands the challenges that come with owning and running a fashion brand, so she gets help with the most tedious tasks, such as scaling for sizing, pattern making and assembling garments. She farms out these chores to a tailoring shop around the corner from her home, which belongs to a Turkish lady (whom Amaia regards as her second family in London). However, she clearly takes on quite an extraordinary amount of responsibility in an industry which is naturally difficult to break into. She is now considering new ways of developing the Azabala brand, and is thinking about other ways of creating fulfilling projects that can keep her inspired. I can only admire such perseverance and hard work, as I browse through her ultra-feminine collection, and can't help but see the collages that hang from different walls at her home. She has an eye for such compositions and is eager to take on breaking images into precise pieces to later assemble in an intriguing manner. A whole new creative career awaits for her to find the time to develop.