Ran Ran Design

Belén Senra

Visits me at home in Los Angeles from Thailand.

Belén came into my life in a somewhat indirect and unpredictable way. Her work and adventures caught me by surprise one day when reading about her in the press, and ever since then, her travels have truly inspired me. She is from Galicia, and her voice is characterized by that sweet tone that is so particular to locals from the Spanish Northwest. To my surprise, and via Instagram, we connected, and once she told me she was going to be travelling to Los Angeles, my heart literally jumped. I was always a big fan, and have now become one of her clients.

She used to work in fashion, and then interior design, back in Barcelona, where she made her home more than 10 years ago. But her urge for adventure made her search for a more meaningful project in which to indulge. One day, while doing research at her local public library, she discovered Macrame, an extremely popular craft in the 1970s. Ever since then, knotting rope onto wall hangings became an obsession for her. She finished all the projects in that craft book she found in the library, and then moved on to develop even more creative projects, from handbags to swings to hammocks.

She recently decided to move to Thailand, where she has continued to expand her technical know-how, which, in turn, has kept her truly inspired. Her surroundings in northern Thailand pushed her more than ever to find her own voice. Her work is recognized internationally, and her clientele, mostly based in California, have grown exponentially over the last few months. She is not sure where her adventures will take her next, but she is embracing all the changes with an open heart, and deep down one knows that her talent and perseverance will certainly guide her well.