Can Company

Can Company

Charcuterie Makers. Mallorca, Spain.

Pork has been the most important livestock and source of meat in Mallorca for centuries. Every part of the animal is used, and following traditions of food festivities, local residents make the animal slaughter a celebrated ritual, and the products which come from the “matanza” are a source of pride for any family.

Can Company, a business dedicated to producing Majorcan artisanal small batch charcuterie products and cold cuts, has adhered to the traditions of meat production but has applied modern techniques too. These result in high quality meats which aptly represent the island's culinary heritage, and have also elevated its products to the level of gourmet luxury goods. The creators  of Can Company call this “charcuisine”.

The company is able to vertically integrate the whole process sustainably, from growing most of the animal feed for the pigs, to making and distributing the meat products themselves. They also harvest some of the spices in their own recipes, such as ‘tap de roti’ which is a local sweet paprika used in the incredibly tasty Sobrassada. 

Can Company raises the Black Pork, a breed that is native to the island of Mallorca. Their animals are free range, naturally fed, and provide exquisite meats, which are both unique and reminiscent of tastes from the past.

The company has partnered with the best Spanish charcuterie expert, Xesc Reina, who has been recovering traditional preparations, and inspiring products like Nora, Figatella, or even brave combinations as Sobrassada with cheese, blue cheese or even chocolate. 

During our last retreat in October, we cooked and served most of their varieties. As we ate the meats the range of textures and aromas transported our guests through a taste trip, as they began to understand the depth of artisanal products like those of Can Company. The first night consisted of tasting Pan amb Oli and the Pan Payés, and all the accoutrements on the table just added to the layers of authenticity we had planned for all the meals during our retreat. Charcuterie, with its intensity of flavors, was one of the key ingredients that made many of the precious moments of our tour come alive, and which summed up the island of Mallorca perfectly.

Photography by Jessie Webster and Deepi Ahluwalia