Stefanía Borrás

At her studio in Brooklyn, NY

Stefanía opens the door of her new studio in Brooklyn, just two blocks from the water. Her smile immediately reminds me of that of a classic Hollywood actress as she welcomes us upstairs. Walking among boxes from her recent move, I look around and get a sense of the incredibly elegant style of her work. Her fashion label, Datura, is a remarkably clean brand that allows her to design hyper feminine garments for women. The materials she uses are all natural: mohair, wool, silk, linen, all of which add a purposeful form to every piece in her collection.

Stefanía satrted a label under her name some years ago in Barcelona before launching Datura. While taking on the challenges of keeping a small fashion brand alive, having moved to New York in 2012, Stefanía has persevered, and has now established the core of her creative work in the city focused on selling exclusively through her online store.

What intrigues me about Stefanía is her ability to transcend fashion conventions by exploring concepts inspired by nature which, in turn, seem to add a depth and significance to her work. Natural textures and colors play such an important role in her creative process and transmute directly into her designs, while also determining the aesthetic for her future collections. Her approach to marketing includes featuring inspiring women, whose work she admires, modeling her clothes. 

Judging by the intriguing following she has attracted, and the type of clients to whom she sells, I have no doubt her brand is only going to grow from this point on. NY makes sense as a location for her to realize Datura's next stage of development, and while it sets the tone for the company's story today, the heart of the brand still resides on the romantic island of Mallorca, from where Stefanía originally hails. Two far-flung destinations allow for an intriguing connection between both rustic and city living for her unique line of inspiring work.


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Additional photography by Stefanía Borrás and Marc Regas.