Along. Blend with Nature.

David López

At his house in Encinitas, California.

David runs his surf & skate board-making business as if it were an impressive design studio. He shapes his skateboards with his own hands, using basic tools and sand paper. Depending on from where an order comes,  his surfboards are shaped either in Oceanside, CA, or in the South of Spain. He puts on the finishing touches using alternative products like beeswax, and plant based oils and derivates, until he gets the perfect board, on top of which sit elegant minimal designs by himself or works by artist collaborations. In addition to his core business, his keen eye for photography is starting to reveal itself on his website, through which he will start selling his gorgeous prints. The pictures are layered, and include cinematographic waves and landscapes, as he exquisitely documents surf and skate culture in California and around the world.

One can gather, just by looking at David's work, that the approach to everything he does comes from a person who has a true understanding of design, and is able to produce aesthetically clean visuals. David has moved from Castellón to Barcelona to New York to Encinitas in Southern California. After years of working on a multitude of design projects, ranging from graphic design to interior design, he was able to combine all his interests in a dream project, and 'Along-Blend with Nature' was born.

He has set up his base camp in Encinitas, where surfing and skating intertwine with his daily work routine. His strong connection to nature can develop deeply in this part of the world as he is fully dedicated to the brand - quite a global one for as far as I can tell - David is truly a creative entrepreneur, and someone who knows how to maximize his talents.  While finding a way to keep exploring the world through his travels and connections, he constantly pushes his brand into exciting new areas. The soon to be announced launch of his online print shop, where his beautiful photography will gain new relevance by the day, only adds to the soul of his already impressively established brand.


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Additional photography by David López.