Federico Antelo

Federico Antelo

At his studio in Madrid 

In the Lavapies neighborhood of Madrid there is a little storefront on which bold shapes are printed with absolute precision and care. Behind the glass lies Federico’s workshop, where his silk screen frames help him outline meticulously studied compositions on canvas. Rummaging through his notebooks, I get a glimpse of the mathematical jottings on how he creates the different patterns. It is all quite fascinating - he is not just randomly printing, but instead creating calculated designs.

You might think of this space as his atelier or painting studio, as he literally creates unique pieces in the same way a fine artist would, but here he merges the worlds of art with fashion, and interior design. And the final products range from wall art, to handbags, to cushions, and even lamp shades. His style is quite recognizable, and one can only admire the talent of someone who is able to create such a wide range of goods, and do it so well. The color aesthetic he devises is captivating, as he plays with complimentary hues while always keeping a clean balance between shapes.

Federico has a warm character and sincere smile. After a few moves back and forth to Madrid from his natal Buenos Aires, he decided to set up camp with his wife and child (with a second shortly on the way). He likes how things are in Madrid, and the attention his brand has garnered in the past few months. He is receiving more and more commissions for projects; a direction in which he would like to move in the future. Since his beginnings as a fashion brand production expert, he finds this more artistic endeavor better suits his upbringing, and specific interests, in the world of design and art.


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