Helena Nicolau

Helena Nicolau

AT my house in Pollença, Mallorca.

I have known Helena since we were kids during our summers in Puerto Pollença. She is a happy soul, with a great sense of what a Mediterranean good life really means.

She is a jewelry designer, and makes beautiful pieces. Last year I went sailing with her on her boat, Frescachón, and even at the time her sense of style made an impact on me. The story I wrote about her, (read her story here), and the pictures I captured,were certainly alluring, but her style has evolved since that time, and the jewelry she is now creating deserves another mention.

As a more seasoned jewelry maker, it's the simple aesthetic of her work which has taken her finished product to a new level. Now there are bigger, bolder shapes, and depictions of underwater creatures like shrimps and seashells. I study her sea urchin earrings which explode with gold filaments - so seemingly coarse, yet elegant, at the same time. Helena has an acute understanding of femininity, which seems to appeal to her ever-growing audience. The feedback she receives from her customers constantly informs the newer, cleaner look of Helena Nicolau Jewelry.

She comes to visit me on a gloomy afternoon at my mother's home in the countryside of Pollença. We are both a bit off-colour after sharing a starlit dinner the previous night, but today her gold pieces appear to blend perfectly with the ocre hue of the house and its sandstone floors. I must say I am absolutely thrilled to welcome her beautiful creatures into my garden!