Itzi Orbegozo

Itziar Orbegozo

At her family's 'caserío' in Getaria. Basque Country, SPAIN.

At the end of a charming street in San Sebastián, which the Basques call Donosti , I find Itziar Orbegozo walking her dog Kanika to the port for a swim. She has a radiant aura, and I am fascinated by her shiny-coated labrador too. We have been introduced by a mutual friend whom I have just interviewed in London some days before, and her willingness to spend a day showing me around- just hours before her last video commission's deadline - tells me I am in for a very special treat.

Itzi breaks the mold by creating truly inspiring videos, which are both surreal and entertaining at the same time. One for her most recent productions has been published on Nowness, the innovation-rich online video channel, alongside other like-minded creatives. She hopes this exposure will bring renewed energy to her career, which she sometimes feels is static, but from the outside one would judge is both exciting and progressive.

After some hours of talking about life by the water, and the challenges of artistic careers, Itzi drives her Argentinian boyfriend Sebas and me up to her 'caserío', named Garro, which has been in her family for decades. This impressive traditional Basque house sits atop the hills of Getaria overlooking the port, and from which you can see the gorgeous green lush hills rising up from the coastline. Visiting on this delightfully clear day, we could see the “Mouse of Getaria”, and the fishing port itself, right by some of the best seafood restaurants of the area.

 Itziar has lived in San Sebastián most of her life, except for the time she lived in Paris, where she took on editing videos, and discovered a way to find focus and meaning to her imagined stories. She now gets her fill of fresh air when she heads up to the hills; here, she can feel energized as she spends her days making up sets that she will build for her next projects.

Her favorite videos are the ones for which she can build impressive sets to shoot her surreal characters and plots. They are always original and unique as they let the audience experience the arresting visual universe deep within her mind. I am sure her accomplishments will take her far, since she has strong convictions about style and form - which venture way beyond normal trends- and all of which add up to make her clearly stand out from contemporary artists in the field.


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