Jorge Suquet

Jorge Suquet

Walks with him in London and Madrid.

Jorge has been acting for some time now. I met him back in Madrid through a mutual friend and a lot has happened to his acting career since then. Years after our first encounter, he helped me land a shared apartment when I moved to New York in late 2006. He had been living there for some months, taking classes with some of the best teachers in the field at the Neighborhood Playhouse, while also doing theater in the Lower East Side. He eventually decided to go back to Spain, and put everything he had learnt to good use. His career took a turning point when he played Malcolm in a production of Macbeth at El Matadero, which was establishing itself as a center for the most groundbreaking art in the city.

Jorge is originally from Madrid and always knew his professional path would be marked by engagements in radio, theater, TV and film. In fact, he started working as a young student in radio, a medium which still fascinates him, and which originally encouraged him consider a career in performing arts. As a teenager, while doing a school exchange program in the US, a friend’s mother urged him to take acting seriously after seeing him act in local theater groups. He actually didn’t decide to pursue the profession in earnest until later on when he was attending college, and dividing his time between various acting courses.

He started booking roles in commercials, which allowed him to save some money for a move to New York in 2006 but, all the while, his passion for acting intensified. Two years later, and thanks to casting director Laura Cepeda - who always believed in him - he decided to settle back in Spain where he got his first prominent roles in both TV (Sofía, Crematorium, Ángel o Demonio, Seis Hermanas, Mar de Plástico), and film (The Mule, Requisitos para ser una Persona Normal). The experience garnered from these productions would help cement his place as a employable and talented performer.

He says he feels satisfied with how his career is panning out, and cannot wait to do more interesting projects. His intense work and travel schedules have made him something of a nomad, and he spends much time abroad without a real base. We actually meet in London where he is taking yet more classes. He has just landed after spending two months in South Africa working on a role in the extraordinary TV show Black Sails. His episodes were directed by Alik Sakharov and Steve Boyum, and Jorge feels honored to have been able to act both for Spanish and English speaking audiences, skills which will certainly open more doors to his varied career. He just finished shooting with Isabel Coixet, who directed The Bookshop in which Jorge acts an English accent alongside Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson.

Four days pass, and we continue our interview in Madrid, where he is taking meetings for yet more jobs. His passion is acting in every form, but especially loves theater, and its intimate setting close to the audience. He takes on interesting roles in all disciplines, so he can support his vision of acting as art without limitation. Jorge is enjoying the ride, and taking every opportunity to get better and better.


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