Josefina Bags

France Lamy Herbeau

Co-founder of Josefina at home in Paris.

It was a gloomy afternoon in Paris, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way as I approached the charming building not far from Champs Élysées. France greeted me with a smile in her upstairs flat and, right there, I entered into the world of Josefina Bags - or at least half of it. The other half is my friend, Angela Esteban Librero, an established fashion stylist based in New York, who urged me to visit her business partner, France, while I was in Paris.

France and Angela started Josefina Bags together, a brand that aims to appeal to moms who need convenient bags that can be both pretty and double as diaper bags. This 2-in-1 approach is rarely found in the fashion world. Made in Spain and designed by the two of them, their product is a sturdy bag large enough to fit a laptop computer, but also the essential accoutrements of motherhood. Inside a separable felt bag are compartments for milk bottles, diapers, toys and more, allowing a busy mother to merge both work and family duties in one outing.

Upstairs, France’s home is quite beautiful and includes wide hardwood floor slats and ceiling moldings which frame the space; not much is needed to make this environment shine. Her Spanish and French upbringing, however, have certainly given her a unique taste, and the furniture and mood of the place clearly communicate that. Years of working in the corporate world, as well as the arrival of her two children, gave her a new perspective on life, and joining forces with Angela, their collective dream became a reality in the shape of a 'leather bag for moms'.

They launched the company earlier this year, and Josefina Bags' following on social media quickly grew as it began to tap into the larger fashion world and its associated characters. Fashion-conscious mothers around the world started to come together and create a platform of mutual support while showing off stylish images of their outings, using 'Josefina' as their stroller bag. As Josefina continues to grow as a brand, France and Angela strive to figure out new ways of making their product more functional and, if possible, more visually striking. As I leave France’s apartment, I cannot wait to see what their new designs will be added to their beautiful collections.