Marc Regas

Marc Regas

At his studio apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Marc hails from Barcelona and has lived in New York for eight years now since moving from London. He came to the city following his intuition and making the move was to him a logical step in his career as a fashion photographer. He grew up learning another trade in Spain; in fact he went to school to become a speech therapist. But in London, his creative curiosity piqued when he started to mix with enthusiasts of fashion and photography. The idea of becoming a photographer himself became more of a reality when he enrolled  for a course, and within months he was embarking on a new professional career capturing images.

London became his home as he worked with various designers and friends, and throughout those years, he developed a very clean aesthetic that aptly suited his exploration of more minimalistic trends. But as with life in any city, the people we encounter and the experiences we have allow us to keep exploring and searching for new realities. So he decided to move on and applied for an artist visa to come to New York.

While New York remains the global epicenter of fashion shoots and editorials, Marc has established Brooklyn as his chosen base for his professional endeavors. All the while, he remains grounded and humble, and his trips and life adventures with friends give him an opportunity to shoot his own personal journey freely and artistically. The images he captures of friends, architecture and nature, tend to be stylistically clean and usually black and white.

He has most recently been employed to document the behind-the-scenes world of some of the finest fashion photographers, including Steven Meisel,  Peter Lindbergh and Tim Walker. He frequently produces 'making of’ photo sets for major campaigns, and gets a chance to capture gorgeous models in dreamy settings, as well as the activities of the production crews. He truly enjoys the work and, although he may not be as fulfilled as when directing his own shoots, he is still reveling in this unique opportunity to be surrounded by professionals that inspire him, and whom he admires.