Marina & Diego

Marina Jamieson & Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

Around their neighborhood in Highland Park, Los Angeles

Marina is a charming girl who has developed a successful career as a model. She was born in the San Antonio, Texas, and raised between Burgos, in Spain and Chicago. By her teens, she had travelled more than the average adult when she decided to establish herself in New York, the epicenter of fashion, accompanied by her supportive family. Not until after the initial shock reaction to the city's fast-paced life around the fashion industry, did she eventually settle in and then, her career took off.

Her early introduction to high-end fashion and photoshoots gave her a broad understanding of what the industry was all about. She has participated in shows for Thierry Mugler, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli as she recalls amongst her best runway memories. But as her dearest, she always mentions Eugenio Recuenco, a highly creative fashion photographer from Spain, who works building dreamy sets and very cinematic scenes.

Never having had a place to really call home, and moving so often, making real friends would become a rarity for Marina. So she decided to move away from the craziness of it all for a while and, when she eventually came back to it, she had a broader, more rounded plan of attack that would allow her to transition from acting to interpreting to posing, and seamlessly experimenting within the boundaries of being in front of the camera.

On one of her trips to Spain, and while working on a fashion film for Vogue she came across Diego who, with his intriguingly bright personality, was born and raised in Madrid. Diego had spent years in the artistic residency of Fabrica, the “grown up” communication school of Benetton, in Treviso, Italy. He had opportunities to work and get involved with many different creative minds, and pursued several projects, ranging from documentaries to commercial ventures. Whatever the circumstances, he felt things were always achievable, and this attitude not only gave wings to his career, but would ultimately determine his path in the years to come. Since then, he has directed all manner of films, from music videos, to commercials, to shorts. One is constantly astounded by the eclectic canon of work he has delivered during his short career, which began after studying business in college.

The duo have now developed quite the interesting partnership since deciding to move to LA together, and after starting their US adventure joined at the hip. From a distance, one views both muse and creator under one roof. But when you look more closely, their combined energy and shared chemistry form the intricate bonds that give rise to their willingness to try out a new location, as well as new experiences. Marina and Diego are so keen to make this move work. I keep encouraging them to stay because, from my experience and those of others around, Los Angeles is always a hard place for newcomers, but becomes an essential campground for rewarding creative work for those who choose to make it their home.