Bárbara Mesquida Mora

Mesquida Mora Wines

A week with her wines in Mallorca

During our Mediterranean Retreat last October in Mallorca, we dove into local culture and ate our way through the island tasting every ingredient imaginable. And for every recipe, dish and situation we had the perfect wine pairing thanks to an absolute brilliant wine producer. Her story below:

Bárbara is following her destiny, embracing the notion that she was just meant to make wine. She grew up surrounded by vines under the Mediterranean sun, where her family planted several varieties in the red-colored soils, which are so characteristic of Mallorca. 

She is completely dedicated to making the best possible wine, and now her family's land hosts both local and foreign vine varieties. Bárbara clearly respects nature’s cycles, and only uses biodynamic compost and other plant infusions to treat the soil, itself imbued with such rich heritage, and which she hopes will stay healthy for future generations.

Her story could be like so many, but once you taste her wine, you can totally understand why she shines among other wine producers. She respects the craft to which she is so devoted, and only applies manual methodologies to this particular weather-conditioned topography. Mallorca's diverse landscape makes vine growing here logistically complex, with some parts of the vineyard being hugely affected even by an oncoming sea breeze.

She so gracefully embraces the challenges of the craft itself. She decided to start making her own wine, rather than just inheriting the decades-old qualities of that of her predecessors, and opted instead to plant and harvest in her own unique way. Not only are her labels and brand beautifully designed, but the meaning behind the names of her wines is underscored by her own personal beliefs and interpretation of the world around her. Sincronía, Sótil, Trispol, which translate to concepts such as Synchronicity, Ceiling and Floor referring to the roof under which she has established her venture. And furthermore, her dreams just don't stop here, and she clearly wants to expand her horizons and turn other ideas into future realities. Already she is dreaming about opening a small guesthouse in the vineyards, an idea that might become absolutely real for her.  

Her energy is contagious, and her passion utterly charming. But she is a firm believer in destiny, and in the same way that the stars mark many of her actions on her vineyard, they might too be guiding her through her near future.

Listening to her story and drinking her wines,  we all gather at the long table to celebrate our last evening together.

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Photography by: Jessie Webster