Modern Art Haven

A house designed in color blocks.

Cádiz, Spain.

This colossal mass of cubes and geometric shapes feels somehow warm as you enter this property in Cádiz. It might be due to the contrast between the coziness of its secret garden nooks, ideal for 'siestas',  and the emptiness of its vast walls from which modern art hangs. There is a balance to admire, an equilibrium achieved in the design, and in the way the color is used.

The owners spent some time living in Mexico, and I tend to look for influences in people's habitat. Cultures like those of Mexico wouldn't leave many of those influences unaltered, I feel. Visually the house is a perfect combination of traditional untreated raw materials, and a precise flow both horizontally and vertically.

The limit between indoors and outdoors becomes seamless as soon as the window panels are concealed in the walls. The proportions of the back garden catch my eye and, emotionally, I feel connected to the owners' sensibility and good taste. Then, there are also the sounds of the Andalusian countryside which seep into the garden itself. 'Cigarras' in the heat, and crickets at night make us feel just so lucky to be here, as the moon starts showing over the treetops.