Esther and Marta Asensio

On a Madrid rooftop, Spain.

I had been following Esther and Marta’s entrepreneurial adventure for a while, and destiny finally led us to meeting recently in Madrid. I am intensely curious about their work processes because the beautiful handbags and baskets they produce are a combination of artisan techniques used throughout different workshops in Spain. Needless to say, their venture is not an easy one in a market that demands access to cheap and fast-produced materials. They often face the difficulty of finding makers that will produce palm weaved baskets, fabrics, leather, wool and even zippers. Their focus is on producing good quality, attractive pieces that are defined by exquisite touches, and which only the inclusion of artisanal materials and manufacturing processes can offer.

Their story began when Esther and Marta decided to investigate the potential of basket producers in Gata de Gargos, not far from where they hail, in Alicante. They found a local maker that imported baskets from Morocco and added the final touches in Spain. This was not at all what they were after, so they re-directed their energies into researching the best local producers. Years later, and with many lessons learnt, they have now achieved exactly what they were aiming for: the best designs, made entirely in Spain.

No one should take them for granted when they even have a lady in Seville that grows, harvests and dries the 'palmito' for them, and subsequently hand weaves the incredible pieces. Another artisan in Mallorca, who also weaves for them, with different methodology. The fabric they add to certain models is made in Mallorca too and is the traditional 'Ikat', which they also use on their fabric handbags, and includes an interior linen made in Catalunya. The leather is from a tannery in Madrid. The wool for their pompons is from Astorga, in León, while the tassels and trims are both from Valencia and Barcelona, and so are their labels and business cards. So...100% Spanish.

I am very lucky to have come across their brand. Their process inspires me greatly, and the knowledge they have gathered throughout this rollercoaster ride of elevating their business to what is now, has been greatly rewarding to them. Esther left her job in communication to focus entirely on Mimeyco, and now travels the length and breadth of Spain looking for the best makers that can help the pair achieve their dream. Marta just welcomed a second child into the world, and manages to advance the business, while overseeing the work they commission to makers in Ourense, where she lives now. This duo of sisters, through both their life and work experience, bring to Mimeyco such a level of authenticity and well-rounded concept, that I am sure they will continue to bring even more delightful pieces. They show me press cuttings, as we talk about the growing number of orders they are receiving for hotels, overseas stores, and other interesting clients. Mimeyco is a brand developed by impassioned people, and today I feel so honored and happy to meet them.


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