Mint & Rose

Monti Gutierrez 

At her office and at HOME in San Diego, California.

In one of San Diego's oldest surviving office buildings, Monti found a perfect location to open her headquarters. An arched window bathes the space with sunlight each working day. It is a perfect setting for her to establish the first part of her plan: to spread the Mediterranean spirit, one espadrille at a time! Mint & Rose is the name of her brand of espadrilles manufactured exclusively in Spain. She has recently moved into developing other lines of footwear and leather bags, and Monti's dream is to expand into yet more product categories.

When we sit down to talk, I am struck by the soft-spoken sweetness of her voice, which clearly translates into everything she does. She has a calm resolve that balances her luminous energy. It is such a pleasure to hear a young entrepreneur dream out loud of her business goals. We speak about her connections back in Spain who have helped her to grow in a spirit of collaboration, and who have given her such positive affirmation during the company's early stages.

Long gone are her days spent in private banking when co-workers frequently complimented her style, as she humbly reveals. Monti realized there was something else that she could do, so she took a leap of faith and made her entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Orders are now starting to come in more often and activity is ramping up in La Rioja, while the Valladolid office has 8 employees working full time.