Moss Floristas

María Ruiz de Huidobro

at her flower shop in Madrid, Spain.

At Moss Floristas in Madrid, the way the flowers are displayed in clear vases, delivers an experience more unique than the average flower shop. Handmade tile floors and ivy pots dangling from high ceilings lend a special aura to the space. An antique filing cabinet contains all manner of stationery to prepare exquisitely-crafted 'Thank you' and 'Congratulations' notes to be dispatched to lucky recipients across Madrid.

Inspiration came to Maria from English gardens and Parisian flower boutiques on her trips across Europe. A mundane job in luxury goods prompted Maria to look further afield, take a brave leap and follow her instinct to join forces with a long-time florist. Miguel came into her life as an introduction by a mutual friend. Her intuition guided her well, and clearly Maria's and Miguel's relationship is one of the driving forces of the business.

Her day's activities are dictated by the seasons and, ultimately, customers' floral needs. Maria thrives on being surrounded by beauty that she can control, from which she can derive sustenance and confidence in the future.


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