Pensión Bellavista

Coloma at her charming little hotel

hostel in Puerto Pollença, Mallorca.

Coloma enters her hostel early in the morning before most of her guests are up, sporting a beaming smile. She is always flanked by her three loyal dogs, which roam freely around her and seem to echo her good energy. It is the middle of August, the Port of Pollença is bustling with tourists, and the hostel is fully booked. Her peaceful look and happy disposition let you know that if you are in her immediate sphere, she’ll do her best to share her simple approach to joyful island life.

Pensión Bellavista is a bright white house surrounded by bougainvillea-filled patios and lush little gardens throughout. At one end a hammock hangs, at the other, African prints cover charmingly mismatched sofas. This beautiful space encloses the café itself, which only serves vegetarian food. The pebbles on the ground crunch underfoot as you make your way to what used to be Coloma’s grandfather's workshop many years ago. Its four standing walls are surrounded by roots of a tree that cling on to the remaining concrete with determination.  I always see Coloma as a soulful character with such a big heart - this place is a reflection of her personality.

I have known Coloma since I was a young child, and I when I return to the island I can find her in the same port that was the scenery of countless happy childhood summers. During the winter she takes exotic trips to Africa or Asia, and explores other cultures with an open heart. Her grandmother used to run the Pension for decades until Coloma decided to settle and take over. One of her altruistic dreams is to open an animal sanctuary, so she can take care of mistreated pets that mean the world to her. Until then, this charming place keeps her grounded.