Real Fábrica Española

Rocío Muñoz 

At her new home in Madrid, Spain.

On one of my favorite streets in Madrid, Fernando VI, Rocío has settled in her new apartment overlooking the gorgeous neoclassical church of Santa Bárbara. She formerly lived in Portugal with her other half when she decided to relocate to the capital. Her bright new home is the nest from which she oversees the frantic activity of the business she started some years back, and which is headquartered in Andalusia. Real Fábrica Española is an online shop of carefully selected 'Made in Spain’ products. This entrepreneurial venture, her 'baby', has helped to revitalize long established small businesses all across Spain.

Rocío is a warm Andalusian from Seville, who, after years of living abroad, has found her calling in chasing treasures that so many Spaniards, like myself, have grown up using and seeing in their homes. Everything from candy, to footwear, to classic tins of chocolate have a place in her precious shop. The brands she carries have somehow survived the passing of time, and she has, guided mainly by nostalgia, reassembled them in a catalog of charming entries that makes one look back to a time gone by.

Rocío's business strategy is compelling, and her social media following grows everyday, as she publishes pictures of happy clients using the products they buy at Real Fábrica. She even shares music compilations as playlists of long forgotten artists and other beautiful content that support her vision. Her company is destined for something bigger, and while continuing to hold onto so many valuable assets, she instinctively knows that letting the business evolve organically is the smartest thing she can do. As other projects start pouring in, Rocío’s determination is to do the best she can to exploit a love for all things Spanish.