A home away from home

Roam Living

At their Madrid location

I first read about Roam Living in a travel magazine on a plane. It makes perfect sense, and what catches my attention, is the way in which the creators propose its members to live and work. Literally, 'roaming' around the world, in a new way of co-living  and co-working . This way of existing has always been my dream of a modern nomad.

Roam Living is a project that gives its lucky members the opportunity to live in appealing stylized places from where they can work. They now have bases in Miami and Bali, and are expanding into many more such as San Francisco, Tokyo, London and Buenos Aires, where they offer affordable living quarters for like minded individuals who can work remotely as they experience different cultures.

When I visited the gorgeous space this past summer in Madrid, they had just recently opened on a site where a student residence has existed for quite a while. Now, they are planning on taking over permanently.

Roam Living Madrid is a gorgeous building in Malasaña, a hip central neighborhood which keeps improving day by day. It dates back from the 1870’s and has kept the charm and exquisiteness of an old ‘palacete’ or small palace originally for the Marquee of Villa Magna. Not having changed the materials and finishes of the main surfaces, walls, floors and ceilings, this palace is a true gem. The light comes in through the windows, on that gloomy July afternoon, making this architectural jewel shine as I feel I want to move in. They have modernized the feel by decorating with very few pieces of furniture in the communal spaces, and also adding lighting fixtures which help break the sobriety of the ornate wall paneling.

The private quarters are all booked, so I have to rely on pictures to understand how comfortable the rooms are. The ‘roamers’ I talk to while visiting are thrilled to be staying there They are the kind of people which I could find so many similarities with, or at least my dreamed self.  They all have geographically unattached jobs in business they have built themselves,  or alternatively work for companies who have understood the modern trend of remote employment. Employers are embracing a way to provide more fulfilling careers to professionals that are inspired by both work and personal experiences, and Roam Living seams to be the perfect service to house these kind of free moving employees.