Sabrina & Nico

Sabrina Praga & Nicolás Villamizar

At their home in Madrid, Spain

Sabrina and Nico's flat in Madrid is an explosion of color. At sunset on their terrace, one senses spontaneity in the murals painted throughout their home, not far from the Retiro Park. Nico is an artist of urban influences, who spent his childhood between Colombia and France. He draws inspiration from his travels and from the diverse projects in which he is involved. He also works full time at an agency, splitting his time between his art and his job, and sharing visual concepts across both platforms.

Sabrina is originally from Argentina, and is also half Italian. Her experience of living in different countries has molded her into the actress she is today. She works in film and TV, as much as in theatre. In pursuit of fulfilling her career, acting takes her traveling around the world, alternating between film shoots and theatre seasons. The plan seems to be a perfect fit for her husband, Nico, who also foresees a future of mixing travel and work.

The couple's admiration for one another is clear. Creatively, they inspire each other, and their paths are defined by a mutual dream, allowing them to grow closer as they evolve in their careers. One can only imagine how bright the future is for Sabri and Nico.