Hey Sosi

Sofia Schizas 

At her apartment and studio in Barcelona, Spain

Sofia is one of those well traveled people who speaks so many languages that her vision of life, as well as her work output itself, seem more grounded than those of an average artist. Her style is simple as a visual artist, and her surroundings kept minimal. Her beautiful apartment in Barcelona, shared with her husband, a tattoo artist, is kept extremely tidy. 

The way she distributes her precious belongings in her dresser, kept away from her clean, bare bedroom, reminds me of a Japanese interpretation of organized space. Yet her interests run deep, and are influenced by a wide variety of images and experiences from a childhood in Africa. She was born and raised in Nigeria, by her Armenian mother and her Cypriot father, so her inspiration is directly affected by her many varied life experiences, which reflect her international upbringing.

Her body of work is astonishingly direct and clear.  Abstract and now mostly using fabrics, her compositions are both bold and precise at the same time, and into which she always aims to channel her own experiences. She achieves her unique style by combining beautiful, yet manageable blocks of color. I can only stand back and admire her determination and true spontaneity, and will be looking forward to see how her work evolves in the years to come.


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