Her incredible wedding

My friend Sol gets married

a celebration of love in Zarautz, the Basque Country.

Sol got married last weekend. Her sister Isabel and I have been friends since we were 4 years old, and have attended the same schools until right before college. Her family is dearest to me, and I have coincidentally been roommates with Isa's two sisters. I lived with Sol in Australia back in 1999, and also with Clara in her Barcelona apartment around 2004.  So I feel like we have all grown up together.

I confess I am not a very big fan of attending weddings. But this one just couldn't be missed. I was geographically very close, in London for some weeks, and I just found it the perfect excuse to return to the Basque Country, were I hadn't been since my teens. What a beautiful place. Everything from the gorgeous town of San Sebastian, to the green hills that surround Zarautz towards Getaria, to the delicious food, to the kindness of its people. I cannot recommend it enough if you want to discover a beautiful part of the world. The sea, the mountains so close and the lushness of its landscapes just takes your breath away.

Sol is quite a special girl, and her wedding brought such joy to all of us who love her. Viri, her fortunate groom, and now husband is bright and handsome, and they just seem to make the perfect couple. The tasteful event was filled with pretty details from the flowers to the handmade soaps given as wedding favors, to even the tiny Fiat car borrowed from his friend Axel. Her dress had been worn by her mother Ana at her wedding, it was so bucolic and needed little adjustments to fit Sol perfectly. She had also chosen a sweet crown to hold her veil and all looked like a dream as we saw her walk inside the church.  The whole event was just so authentic and the sweet kids were all dressed in Basque traditional costumes ('caseras') as they walked in front of the bride throwing flower petals from their tiny baskets. I had to leave early to catch a flight back to London, but left the party in full throttle mode, and from the reports I got, I know they all had a blast and Sol is just such a joyful newlywed, I am happy I got to share with her a very special day.

Wedding planner La Colombine          Crown by Susana Cruz         Flowers by Sally Hambleton