Son Brull

A hotel with well kept history

Pollença, Mallorca.

Son Brull was formerly a Jesuit monastery in the 18th century before becoming a family estate owned by the Desbrull family. Just adding to its layers of history, this impressive property originally dates back to the 12th century when it was an “alqueria”, or farmhouse, during Mallorca's Arab occupation.

The way this magnificent house presides over the hills right beneath the Tramuntana Mountains on the north of the island is quite imposing. Keeping the antique terraces dividing up the steep hills for agricultural efficiency, the house is surrounded by century-old olive trees, a water well, and a sustainable watering circulation system which feeds the vegetable gardens, orchards, and the remainder of the fields.

This is not just a beautiful hotel. The De Suau family, who are the current owners and managers of this special place, have instinctively understood how to maintain the heritage and soul of Son Brull. After months of renovations concluded in 2003, the project of turning the estate into what it is now has certainly been led with a sensibility to, and great respect for, the original materials. Textured stone walls, pebbled flooring on the extraordinary patio (with its calming fountain), and interior ceilings imbued with an alluring smell of cane, look exactly as they have probably done for centuries, creating a natural insulation with a layered geometrical design. But even the furniture, with its modern but rustic style, somehow converges perfectly with the landscape. The art on the walls, lighting, and careful choice of every element, contribute to forming this well thought out and designed project.

The hotel Son Brull, now a Relais & Chateaux, is still privately run. You can also see the deep understanding of the island's culinary roots in the preparation of the food at the restaurant, with its produce gleaned directly from the gardens and the tastes so indulging in the simplest way. At the spa, the smells from the outdoor flowers consume you, as does the beauty of the surrounding landscape. You just get that feeling here that you know you're in the right place.