At their workshop in Pollença, Mallorca

A shop at the intersection between the roads to the village of Pollença and the port, hides behind its walls a true homage to the heritage of ikat cloth in Mallorca. A technique from the far East, probably brought through the commercial routes between Asia and Europe, being this Mediterranean island a mooring site for ships. Viçens has been making ikat fabric since 1854, hardweaving brightly dyed cotton thread to create rustic and gorgeous patterns.

This place is a true gem for my family and I. Every summer, since we were kids, we drop in to see what astonishing color combinations we can create with what we can afford to buy. Growing up we invested our little savings on the latest rustic artifacts, now I try and collect an array of yearly remnants that I turn into cushions, tablecloths and so on. 

The workshop in the back is full of texture, dye stains, and ancient formulas on the walls. Every Ikat design has its own pattern, and it is repeated over the years, from traditional designs to the most shocking combinations. All help us identify the true Mediterranean hues, and you know as soon as you enter Viçens, that you have found a magical place that means much more than an average fancy fabric shop.