We are Knitters

Pepita Marín and Alberto Bravo


Pepita and Alberto met some time ago while working for a large auditing firm in Madrid. Their entrepreneurial nature pushed them in a direction which would help them realize their combined long-held dream. Achieving a new kind of freedom was their goal while shaping a strategy for their vibrant supply company, We Are Knitters, and they were determined to benefit from the buzz of a web-based business and the recent 'craft revolution'.

The company was initially backed by outside investors, and they were able to speak the language of finance, having both come from that world themselves. Now, with an office full of knitting experts, beautiful packaging, and a strong social media following, they deliver products to customers around the world, and even have had opportunities in North America via retailing giants such as Urban Outfitters. 

The straightforward methodology of the company includes the delivery of materials, patterns, needles and yarn to customers in easy-to-understand kits that can be enjoyed by even the most basic level knitter. Their strong precise brand messaging certainly helps, making the whole process highly attractive to their customers, as they continue to build a community of crafters who share a visual penchant. It's no surprise that by including everything from the softest alpaca wool to pure cotton, their ideas appeal to a wide range of knitters. Pepita and Alberto's future is full of ambitious growth plans but, in the meantime, their loyal customers help spread the word as they build their own unique creations themselves.