Mercedes and Elena Zubizarreta

At their studio. Madrid, Spain.

Behind magical images of deserts, beaches, nature and street life, hide the bright talents of sister duo Mercedes and Elena. They have approached bag design in a simple, practical manner, literally printing the journey of their lives on canvas bags. Crafted by Spanish hands in a small atelier not far from Madrid, the accessories they create are filled with a sense of eternal wellbeing fed by their wanderlust.

Their studio alone, on a charming street in the center of Madrid (right next to Almodovar’s next film set), displays a collection of ideas, pictures and materials suggestive of what is to come in their next season. Primarily mixing architecture and fashion, the studio wall adorns a pure collection of the couple's vivid aesthetic sense.


They speak great things of collaborating with other emergent Spanish creatives in the field. And nurtured by both their professional backgrounds they have achieved a system, not only to develop their ideas, but to establish a steady production schedule too.

The true inspiration of the team is the sibling connection, and the notion of what two sisters can bring to a brand. Elena confesses to being the 'crazier' creative side of Zubi, while Mercedes, the youngest, is better at organizational tasks, but also enjoys the enviable responsibility of booking the various trips they take together around the world. Every place they visit is eventually somehow captured in their work, and one can only dream of the thrill of accompanying them on one of their journeys!