Joan Miró


Studio Sert


Maria Jose and Tomeu are here to cook for us, and Deborah feel so honored tonight. They make a traditional dish, which includes turkey stew topped with hand-made ensaimadas, and finished in the wood oven. I could not imagine what was about to happen. Tomeu starts singing an old baker's song, as his hands begin to spread the flour on the wooden table. The emotion and surprise is similar to what ones feel while watching flamenco or art interpreted with a similar passion. Guests are enjoying the sight, the sound, the smells, and then the tastes that night.

He gently makes the ensaimadas, rolling the dough lengthwise, intertwining the different parts like a weaver, or a dedicated artisan. What we just watched tops any cooking show I have ever witnessed; surely nothing as soulful as this can be experienced in a simple bakery or kitchen.




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