Rosa Blanca


There are so many ways to explain the history of Mediterranean tastes, but one product that has been around since the 1920s is Rosa Blanca beer, which was traditionally made from spelt

Here is one brand that has reinvented itself since disappearing from the island in the 1960s. Now a group of dedicated brewers, under the Damn business umbrella, have carefully taken on the responsibility of restoring it back to its former glory.


Rosa Blanca is a beer that contains hops, a mostly dried flower, which gives it a slightly bitter taste and makes it ideal for pairing with almost any kind of dish, from more acidic fish preparations to sweet concoctions.


I was lucky enough to have Rosa Blanca supplied as part of our last retreat in May. We enjoyed drinking it at every sunset and special meal at the table together, as we all bonded with each other and enjoyed our surroundings. This beer brings together ancient ingredients such as rice, spelt and hops, which all contribute to making its taste so thick and wholesome(?).


Rosa Blanca has a flavor which takes you back to the past, and is not only inseparably connected to the roots of the island, but is also imbued with such a strong sense of belonging. What a treat.




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