Españolita is more than travel


our philosophy

We aim to inspire a more meaningful approach to traveling, revealing the magic of Spain through transformative itineraries which invite curiosity for honest food and artisans.

We believe everyone should take the time to vacation and make new discoveries, and we want to be part of that journey with you by pointing you in the right direction. We believe that our wealth of resources and knowledge of local culture - combined with our keen eye for design and appreciation of rustic idyllic charm - mean that we can share with you a true understanding of Spain's beauty, as we help you navigate a unique path across this diverse country. Moreover, these are the ideas that define our passion for hospitality, and we certainly hope you'll join us.


Meet the founder


“Españolita is my love letter to Spain…”

Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro was born and raised in Madrid. She studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and throughout the years worked as an assistant art director and set designer on films, music videos and commercials for directors, such as Milos Forman, Steven Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson. 
After settling in Los Angeles in 2008, her experiences as a mother made her long for a closer interaction with her own heritage, so she created a platform to house her vision.
With Españolita she expresses a unique sense of “Spanishness” through food, artisans, and soulful places, inviting others on her own journeys of discovery.




“I wish more people would experience the real life wonders of Mallorca with Carmen. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. To see, smell, listen, and taste all the fare the island has to offer is an magnificent immersion not found at a hotel or inn…”

— Katie Smith. Guest


“Carmen explores and extracts the beauty in everything she touches. Her creative talent and appreciation of the finer details makes any experience with her a delight and unique in every way.

I´m excited to see her brand evolve to offer a completely fresh and inspiring travel concept,  in a world which is increasingly becoming homogenised.”

— Andrea Cortés, CAMPER Head of Communications

“We got along right away when she explained to me her beautiful Españolita project, and we immediately knew we were sharing the same vision on food, hospitality and authenticity… We will happily continue to provide our guests with the best local food & culture experiences: traditional dishes, iconic meals, artisan products, organic olive oil and wines…”

— Deborah Pina. Co-host


“Whitewashed walls, centuries old stone floors, handmade wooden furniture… this mystical Mallorcan estate we are staying in is full of all the perfect imperfections..”

— Carley Rudd. Photographer & Guest




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RETREAT Photography by:

Jessie Webster, Deepi AHLUWALIA, & CARLEY RUDD.