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Españolita’s Retreats are all-inclusive travel experiences carefully designed around the precious culinary and artisanal heritage of Spain. With one-of-a-kind immersive itineraries, our authentic and unique approach to traveling will provide inspiring memories which will last a lifetime.

We stay in exquisitely beautiful locations, where time seems to stand still, and while we discover local culture through cooking workshops, site visits and gentle hikes. 


“Carmen created such a beautiful and authentic experience soaked in her charm and deep love for Spain, not to mention her impeccable taste and eye for design. ….The food was incredible, all seasonal and locally sourced. The daily adventures paired with relaxing afternoons were the perfect combination, filling our hearts and feeding our soul with memories of Mallorca that we will forever treasure.”

Sarah Hendrix, guest


upcoming RETREATS

A Mediterranean Retreat

Mallorca, Spain
October 2-8, 2019.
An artisanal and culinary discovery of the island from our old home nestled in the Sierra de Tramuntana, an enriching protected mountain range, which will serve as our main inspiration for this trip, along with the processes of harvesting olives and the very ancient traditions from makers across the island ranging from passionate winemakers, to olive oil artisans and knowledgeable bakers.




The Mediterranean Sea

Mallorca, Spain
Spring 2020

A culinary immersion devoted to the Sea. Fishermen shacks and turquoise coves will inspire our journey on and around the island, through celebratory picnics, gentle hikes by the water, and delicious cooking sessions outdoors.




Mallorca, Spain
April-May, 2018


A Mediterranean Retreat- Spring 2018

Mallorca, Spain
October, 2017


A Mediterranean Retreat- Fall 2017

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