Pep LLambías


Pep Llambías' studio can be found down a quiet street in Alaró, a small town on the island of Mallorca. He greets me from behind a huge sliding metal door, revealing a magnificent interior.

Just by observing the layout of objects and artwork in the entrance hall, you know you are walking into an intriguing creative universe. Here, before me, are Pep's clean compositions: encrypted words such as "love", "doubt" and "dream", contemporary sculptures fashioned mostly from wood and electric light.


Pep's studio sprawls across the ground floor of the house and, behind a large wooden door, the patio's natural light reveals his working processes. He is an artisan, and is dedicated to hand-crafting every part of each final product. On the other side of a wall lies a workshop containing all kinds of machines and artifacts to help him manufacture his art. On the easel sit two pieces he's just finished on paper: here the black is deep black, and the drawing itself is sublimely perfect.


Pep doesn't brag about any of his accomplishments, but I know for a fact that he just came back from the Venice Biennale, and his installation "EL PESO DE LA LUZ" was exhibited at Palazzo Bembo. And looking at his biography, I know he is on quite a trajectory.  As far back as he can remember, he has been composing, drawing, or painting. He is just blessed with a creative disposition, and there was never any doubt about what his path was meant to be. He also encourages his children to engage in a profession they each love; one is learning dramatic art, and the other is stepping into fashion design.


He nods humbly, yet with a slight eccentricity, the type of which is reserved for really talented artists like him. He surrounds himself with beauty, both in his choice of furniture, and in the artwork of his colleagues, which he hangs on the walls upstairs above the studio. The space is balanced, yet interestingly chaotic, surely a mirror of the emotions he conveys through his stunning output.




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